Checkatrade information for Carpetsure

How We Will Get You The Best Results


PRE-INSPECTION - We identify fibres, spots and stains, check fitting and general condition of the carpet

FURNITURE MOVING - special sliders are used to move your furniture safely without damaging your carpet

VACUUMING - We use an industrial Vacuum to remove any loose dry soil and dust deep down within the pile

STAIN REMOVAL - Treating all identified spots and stains with our specialist stain removers

PRE-SPRAY - Heavy duty pre-spray is used to break down any remaining soil within the carpet

AGGITATION - An industrial rotary machine is used to work in the pre spray and loosen the soil from the fibres

EXTRACTION - A hot water extraction machine is used to thoroughly deep clean the carpet. In this process a deodorising and sanitising agent is applied to kill any bacteria and make the carpet smell nice and fresh.

PROTECTION - A high-grade protector is used (optional) putting an invisible shield over the fibres to protect from spills CLICK HERE to find out more

FURNITURE REPLACED - Furniture is put back in its original place, foam blocks and plastic tabs are placed beneath the items to protect them from the drying carpet.

FINAL GROOMING - We set the carpet pile this speeds up the drying process.

TURBO DRYING - an air mover is used, if needed, to rapidly dry the carpet.

FINAL INSPECTION - a walk through takes place with the client to make sure 100% satisfaction is achieved